Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Women in Today's World 2010

Something to think about:

Women today can do anything,
yet as they go through their chosen path
do they (want to) feel like a woman...
Dress, act, move, work like women,
Make-up, nails, clothing, jewelry, shoes.
Men's department, Women's department,
Men shopping in 'housewares'
Women shopping in 'hardware.'
Car repair shops, Barber shops,
Beauty Salons, "Outdoor stores.
Dentists, Lawyers, CEO's.
Truck drivers, Mailmen, Lifeguards,
Firemen, Policemen - and women.
Working Mothers,
Stay-at-home Mothers.
Stay-at-home Dads

The Women's Room (c)by Marilyn French 1977

page 437 (Penguin edition): " She was the woman for everyone;" ..."but it was not good enough. She would have to find a little man in her, whatever that meant. It did not mean being a champion sailor, or canoeing in white water, or being able to fence, all of which she did very well. It meant insisting on self, not the way they did, God forbid, but a little. Otherwise you were the tramping ground of the world."


page 441: "It is at moments like this that a lifetime's formation is revealed. People write plays or movies about agonized decisions, but I think our important decisions are made instantly, and all the talk is simply later rationalization."

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